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Estate Planning

For Estate and Trust Benefactors and Beneficiaries
by Prof. Robert Whitman 
(ISBN 0-938609-31-9)

This book arms the average couple with the basic knowledge needed to both estate plan and administer an estate. With over 40 years of experience in the field, Professor Whitman provides an essential guide allowing readers to become empowered in this complex area of law.  

ON BEING A TRUSTEE: A Practical Guide
by T.L. Higginson, Jr.
(ISBN 09715692-0-7)

This is a practical review of the responsibilities and activities involved in serving as trustee of a private trust. It is a comprehensive introduction to wills, trusts, stocks, bonds, partnerships, taxes, brokerage firms, and investment management. With its excellent index, this is a valuable desktop reference for trustees and those who are new to the task of managing their own investments.




by Prof. Robert Whitman 
(ISBN 0-938609-71-8)

Tax legislation in 2001 necessitates this update to Professor Whitman's previous title Estate Planning and Prepare to Estate PlanAdministration: For Estate and Trust Benefactors and Beneficiaries. This new book provides the basic information needed to estate plan in accordance with the new law. Hopefully, it will allow the reader to walk into a planner's office with a good overall knowledge of what can be a complex process.



Tax-Smart Wealth Planning
by  James P. Weller
(ISBN 0-938609-92-0)

The goal of this book is to introduce the reader to 14 tax-smart planning solutions for the transfer of personal and business wealth in an easy-to-read and simplified fashion. Each chapter identifies a specific planning problem, describes an answer to the problem, presents a hypothetical case study showing exactly how the answer should work in a factual situation, reviews the benefits and potential pitfalls associated with the solution, and provides additional planning pointers. It is the authorís hope that his book will enlighten the reader with new planning ideas as he/she takes on the challenge of wealth management and protection.


by Paula M. Jones, Esq.
(ISBN 1-934048-06-2)

This book covers the fundamentals about wills, trusts, estate planning, powers of attorney andYour Estate Planning Matters  advance directives. Whether you have one dollar or a billion, everyone, wealthy or not, needs to know the basics first.
This hands-on and personalized workbook guides you through the information-gathering process necessary to prepare every estate plan. You will save time and money by making the important decisions regarding your estate before you meet with an advisor.

Topics include:

  • Preparing for Incapacity
  • Laws of Intestacy
  • Common Will and Trust Provisions
  • Assets and Debts
  • Defining and Clarifying Relationships
  • How to Leave an Inheritance
  • Probate and Taxes
  • Revocable Trusts
  • Estate and Trust Administration
  • The Estate Attorney and the Advisory Team

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Last modified: March 31, 2013