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The Event is Being:
The Philosophy of Sartre Reconsidered

By Fatemeh Chehregosha Azinfar
(ISBN 1-934048-09-8)

In the past we have 'worn' ourselves out with the attempt to try to find the meaning behind our lives in connection with that of another Being. If this link were to be broken and if we were to mentally decide to frame the essence of our being ourselves, no longer as papers cut by an artisan as Sartre would describe the divine order but as human beings conscious of the extent of their creative force as singular actants who bring themselves forward every single moment of their lives with each thought, act and decision-- how can we successfully chart our paths? How can we take the full force of our liberty in hand and create a world in which suffering, hunger, war and neglect were to become extinct as qualifiers of existence? In a word how can we as human beings re-mold ourselves anew with the intention of becoming the participants, rather than the spectators of life? With this axiom we would not only be morally required to bring about change and improvement in our societies, but we would intrinsically be called to shoulder the responsibility as well. How we at the beginning of our millennia choose to reinvent ethics in view of our failing religious laws will demand looking at our political, philosophical and artistic theories and finding ways out of their negations and contradictions. This book does not so much deal with the question of metaphysics, rather it tries to find solvents for the activity we call living and bringing forth a system in which such an exercise could be properly allowed.

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Last modified: March 31, 2013