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12 Steps to Finding the Perfect Job

Academic Opportunities

Acquire Negotiating Skills

Advanced Preparation for the New SAT Exam: The Math Part

Advanced Preparation for the SAT Exam: The Verbal Part

After College: Now What Do I Do?

Balancing Law and Parenthood: Part-Time Careers in the Law

Be a Leader! Learn Leadership Skills from America's Greatest Presidents

Build Your Vocabulary Skills!: A Quick and Easy Method

Building Self-Esteem for Convicts, Juvenile Delinquents and Criminal Offenders

Career Development in Middle Schools

Careers in Consulting

Careers in Engineering

Careers in Law Enforcement: Interviewing for Results

Careers in Sports: How to Reach Your Goal

Caribbean Medical Schools

The Cellblock Gourmet

Compilation of Bar Exam Questions and Answers in the United States

Consider a Career in Retailing

Considering a Career in Education

Considering a Career in Mortuary Science

Controllers Handbook

Counseling Know-How

Create Your Ultimate, Portfolio, and Writing Samples: An Employment Guide for the Technical Communicator

Creating Job Security: A 2009 All-in-One Workbook

Creating Job Security Through Mobility and Diversity

Criminal Procedure and the Rights of Defendants

Doin' Time: How to Survive and Thrive in Prison

Employment Guide for the Military, Intelligence & Special Operations Communities

Engineers and Scientists: Achieving Success in Industry

Enlightened NonProfit Management - The 8Fold Path from Transactional to Transformative Leadership

The Essential Intellectual Property Primers

Establishing Disaster and Recovery Plans for Your Business

Estate Planning & Administration: For Estate & Trust Benefactors and Beneficiaries

Evaluating a Malpractice Case Against a Lawyer

The Event is Being: The Philosophy of Sartre Reconsidered

Federal Statutes and Commentary on Prisoner's Rights

First Contact: Halutzim from America: American Zionism in Mandatory Palestine

For All You're Worth: Getting that Academic Job in Today’s Market

Formula For Success: The Psychological and Informational Handbook for Passing the Bar Exam

Functional Finance

Getting In: An Applicant's Guide to Graduate School Admissions

Getting Into and Being Successful at Middle Management

Higher Education For the 21st Century

How to Create, Manage and Lead a Non-Profit Organization

A Global View of the American Revolution

Grants: How to Find Them, Where to Get Them

Guide to Organizing and Successfully Operating a Nonprofit Organization

A Guide to Successful Plea Bargaining

Handbook for the First Year Teacher: A Comprehensive Guide to Survival

How to Find Anyone Free at Your Public Library

How to Apply for a Pardon

How to Become an Accomplished Trial Lawyer: A Thinker's Guide to Trial Practice

How to Find a Job on a Cruise Ship

How to Help Keep Your Child Safe at School: The Parent’s Guide for Working Towards Creating Safer Schools

How to Help a Loved One In Prison

How to Keep Your Job While Everybody Else is Losing Theirs: Career Karate

How Police Officers Get Hired: The Key to Getting the Cop Job and Keeping It

Improve Your Ability to Speak English

An Introduction to Canadian Law

A Journey in Search of Justice: Confronting Ethical, Moral and Professional Dilemmas in the Practice of Law

Jury Duty: What You Need to Know

The Law of China

Law, Lawyers and Your Case: A Dollars and Sense Examination

Leading Legislators in Colonial America

Learn to Study: A Comprehensive Guide to Academic Success

A Legacy Lost

The Legal Foundation of the Thirteen Original American Colonies

Legal Relationships between Colonists and Native Peoples Prior to the American Revolution: A Colony-by-Colony Compilation

Life in Prison: Digging In and Getting Started

Medical School Admission from High School

Multi-Sensory Phonics

On Being a Trustee

Opportunities for Newly Released Offenders

Outstanding Judges in the Thirteen American Colonies

Owning & Operating a PATH-Type Therapeutic Home for Mental Health & Addiction Recovery

The Political & Legal Structures of the Thirteen Colonies Prior to the American Revolution

Prepare to Estate Plan Under the New Laws

The Principal's Handbook for the 21st Century

Prisoner Forms: A Complete Guide to Writing Effective Letters, Motions and Briefs

The Public Defender Experience: A Student Career Guide into the Heads and Hearts of America’s “Real Lawyers”

The Ratification of the Constitution by the Thirteen States

Real Life 101: Winning Secrets You Won’t Find in Class

The Reception of the English Common Law by the Thirteen Original American Colonies

Reentry Programs for Inmates in State Prisons

So You Wanna Be a Copywriter?

Soia Mentschkoff and Karl Llewellyn: A Compliation of Articles about Two Iconic Law Professors

Speed-Reading, Speed-Learning

Statistics Made Easy

The Stripped Down, Do It Now, I Want a Job, Complete Job Search Workbook

Successful Careers Don't Just Happen: The Nine Attributes of Those Who Have Made It

Tax-Smart Wealth Planning

The Crime of Prison

Turn Your Life Around in Prison

The Two Year College Student's Guide to Creating a Great Resume

Wall Street Work: How to Find a Great Job in the Securities Industry

Why Choose a Career in Teaching?

Working to Become an Adult: Diverse Practices, Initiations and Rites

Your Estate Planning Matters - Wealthy or Not

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